Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Production Activity Symbols
Rectangle - denotes an activity or operation. This symbol is used when an item or input is changed, through a computer, machine, or manual operation. A short description of the activity performed is contained within the rectangle
Diamond - denotes a decision point. This symbol is used when there is a decision to be made in the process. The process flow branches off in two or more directions at the decision point. The branch followed depends on the result of the decision. A short description of the decision to be made is contained within the diamond. The branches from the decision point are labelled with the valid results of the decision (e.g., Yes or No, True or False).
Arrow - denotes the order of steps within the process. It is used to connect the activities and decisions through the process.

Rectangle with Curved Base - denotes paper-based output from a process, such as a report. A label is placed within the symbol to describe the report.
Inspection Activity Symbols
Large Circle - denotes a point where the process is stopped for the purpose of review, inspection, quality control, or approval. A short description of the inspection point is contained in the circle.
Transportation Activity Symbols
Zigzagged Arrow - denotes transmission of data, such as electronic data transmission, fax, or telephone call.
Fat Arrow - denotes physical movement of output between locations (e.g., to or from the warehouse). A short description of the movement is contained within the arrow.
Storage Activity Symbols
Triangle - denotes that the output is placed in a controlled storage, requiring authorization for removal (e.g., waiting for an order to be placed). A short description of the reason for storage is contained within the triangle.
Rounded-End Rectangle - denotes a delay where the output or person performing the process must wait before proceeding with the next activity. This often requires the output to be placed in temporary storage. A short description of the reason for the delay is place within the rounded-end rectangle.

Documentation Symbols
Elongated Circle - denotes the beginning and end of the process.
Small Circle - denotes that the flowchart is continued on/from another page. The small circle contains a letter for identification of the two parts of the flowchart.
Open Rectangle connected to a flowchart symbol by a dotted line - denotes supplemental information or annotations to the flowchart.

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